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Welcome to the Trinity Vicariate website.  Our Vicariate is comprised of eleven Catholic parishes in Northwest Detroit, Michigan.  Our parishes are diverse – culturally, racially, and ethnically – yet we share a common bond through faith and the Eucharist.  As individual parishes, and as a Vicariate, we strive to serve all people in our neighborhoods through outreach, support services, and worship.      

Through this website, you can find information on each of the parishes in our Vicariate, as well as information on events coordinated at the Vicariate level.  You will also find useful links to news, information, services and programs offered by the Archdiocese of Detroit, the Catholic Church in the United States, and the universal Church.

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Mission Statement

What we want to achieve is an assembly of Roman Catholic parishes and communities in the Archdiocese of Detroit, to support, protect and affirm in prayer, word and deed, each others' work in making Christ known, visible and worshiped in out neighborhoods, cities and world.

Next Meeting

Tuesday November 20, 2018 @ 7pm
St. Scholastica Parish
8201 W. Outer Drive
Detroit, MI 48219

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This is my initial “hello” as Vicar. I am a Redemptorist Missionary Priest with a special assignment since 1973 – to find the cause of violence and seek to bring about a cure. The umbrella name for the work is “Life Directions”, begin by a Passionist Priest and an Adrian Dominican Sister with a married couple and a family of eight.

I hope to bring to the Vicariate some “lessons learned”, as I come to listen to the Pastoral Leadership within the parishes, the schools and our retreat center. With Fr. Phil Paxton, CP, as my partner, we hope to engage our greatest nation – our imagination.

We have four “faces” of the Vicariate – the active, the passive, those who go elsewhere and those who don’t know they count to God. 360,000 people make up our vicariate according to the latest census. How do we see our opportunities to Unleash the Gospel in ways that relate to the issues and concerns of us all?

With Mary accompanying us on our journey of hope, my prayer is that we want to listen to the “not yet”. We want to speak “let’s do it” as we look together to hear what the Master Carpenter wants us to build.



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Vicariate Leadership

Bishop Donald Hanchon - Episcopal Vicar
Fr. John Phelps - Vicar
Bill Schmidt - Chairperson
Monika Uriel - Vice Chairperson
TBD - Secretary
Fr. Victor Clore - Treasurer
Marilyn Bachelor - APC Representative