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Welcome to the Trinity Vicariate website.  Our Vicariate is comprised of eleven Catholic parishes in Northwest Detroit, Michigan.  Our parishes are diverse – culturally, racially, and ethnically – yet we share a common bond through faith and the Eucharist.  As individual parishes, and as a Vicariate, we strive to serve all people in our neighborhoods through outreach, support services, and worship.      

Through this website, you can find information on each of the parishes in our Vicariate, as well as information on events coordinated at the Vicariate level.  You will also find useful links to news, information, services and programs offered by the Archdiocese of Detroit, the Catholic Church in the United States, and the universal Church.

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Pictures and Information of our Parishes

Mission Statement

What we want to achieve is an assembly of Roman Catholic parishes and communities in the Archdiocese of Detroit, to support, protect and affirm in prayer, word and deed, each others' work in making Christ known, visible and worshiped in out neighborhoods, cities and world.

Next Meeting

Tuesday September 18, 2018 @ 7pm
St. Christopher Parish
7800 Woodmont
Detroit, MI 48228

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Exciting News


Let us be glad!!SOON we will be celebrating the Feast of alls feasts and the Joy of our hearts will never cease. There are no words that can describe our joy of the Risen Christ because we are His and we belong to Him and he told us we will be with Him in glory.

THERE are three ways that we as a Vicariate give Him praise and demonstrate to the world that we are his followers:

We come together. Our intentional coming together as parishes, as faith communities within the Archdiocese of Detroit point to our collegiality and cooperation. We are one in our differences; one in our multiple approaches to our various ministries; but most of all, one as we gather around our various eucharistic tables each Sunday.

We keep together. Like all serious human endeavors we place upon ourselves obligations to keep our Vicariate strong and vibrant. We pledge ourselves to be at all meetings. We need two members from each parish to be present and active. This will make our union as a Vicariate strong and lasting.

We work together. Because we experienced Together In Faith I and II (and CLT Changing Lives Together) we know what hard times are. This crisis of our regional economics, our depopulation, the priests sexual abuse crisis, the neglect of all things spiritual in our culture--all this caused us grief, pain, tears and some fear. Because of all this we have worked together and continue to do so.

TODAY, however, Jesus the Christ is Risen. He is the center and cause of our joy and the reason why we have done penance for the past, but rush forward to the future. As June approaches and as we plan, discern and pray for the good of our Vicariate let us have minds and hearts that are open to the Spirit to move us in the right direction

Upcoming Events

Vicariate Leadership

Bishop Donald Hanchon - Episcopal Vicar
Fr. Victor Clore - Vicar/Treasurer
Belinda Hernandez - Chairperson
Edward Shea - Vice Chairperson
Tanda Flounory - Secretary
Marilyn Bachelor - APC Representative